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transform & transfigure with Marilyn Washington Harris


“Marilyn’s dedication, passion, abilities and the performance of those duties are priceless.  All who, through unfortunate incidents, are blessed to meet her will always know that they have been completely embraced by a courageous, empathetic and truly wonderful person.”  
- Kevin Grant, Violence Prevention Coordinator, City of Oakland

 "She could tell me what this step’s going to be, what that step’s going be. You can’t get that from family and friends. You have to get it from someone that’s been through it.” 
- R. Douglas, mother of a homicide victim and client of Marilyn’s

 “Marilyn Harris is a source of light for grieving families during their darkest hour.  In addition to her work with families and friends of homicide victims, Marilyn also reaches out to young people to motivate them to solve their differences without violence. Her efforts and commitment toward ending violence in Oakland are exceptional.”
Oakland City Councilmember Pat Kernighan

 "There are few people who can provide the type of insight that Marilyn Harris can on how best to work with grieving families. Her experience and compassion are invaluable. My organization and I have learned so much from her. Marilyn trained our staff and trains our graduate students for their clinical internships."
  - Anne Marks, Executive Director, Youth ALIVE! 

"Marilyn Harris is an expert at working with families going through the grief process. Her knowledge and experience in this field is invaluable.  As someone who has lost a child to violence, she can not only guide famillies through the greiving process, but also serve as an inspiration because she has walked in their shoes."
- Reygan Harmon, Public Safety Director, Office of Oakland Mayor Jean Quan

Marilyn Washington Harris  has been recognized on numerous occasions for her work: 
  * The Bay Area CBS 5 - Eyewitness News  Jefferson Award in Community and Public Service , August 15, 2012
  *  2011 Oaklandish Oakland Innovators Award, January, 2011
  *  2008 City of Oakland Citizen Humanitarian Award , January 20, 2008

Press about Marilyn Washington Harris and her work:
   *  Oakland has more than its share of Trayvon Martins, Oakland Tribune, March 30, 2012 
   * Oakland Leaders Gather to Celebrate Khadafy Foundations' 10th Anniversary, March 4, 2011
   *  No Escape, No Surrender, San Francisco Magazine, March 19, 2012

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