This 2 shall pass...
transform & transfigure with Marilyn Washington Harris


Personal Coaching 
All of us go through times of doubt, loss and pain. It's not always easy to "bounce back" or "move on" as
so many of our friends and family suggest. It's often difficult to move on without some constructive
guidance. Marilyn Washington Harris of This 2 Shall Pass will lead you through a process that will help
you resolve issues and move forward. This 2 Shall Pass Personal Coaching will provide you with:
  • Six (6) one - hour goal setting sessions with Marilyn in phone or in person
  • A life changing and easy to follow plan that will ensure you reach your goals
  • Follow Up sessions 
Motivational Speaking
Marilyn has inspired many over the years with her story of perseverance, tenacity and love.   She has experience speaking to many types of audiences about the how violence effects communities.  Marilyn provides a testimony to how to live through tragedy and loss in a way that can be transformative.  This includes:
  • church congregations
  • teachers and school staff
  • parents and youth
  • adults and youth who experienced a traumatic event and/or who are grieving
  • staff of organizations who work with those going through trauma and grief

Marilyn provides training on healing, grief counseling and the effects of victimization for those who work with people exposed to or who are victims of violence.  Marilyn also speaks to those experiencing grief and loss on how to get through their pain in a healthy way.  She is a practical trainer who leaves her audiences with tools to move forward but also the inspiration to begin their transformation.  Marilyn has trained a variety of people from different socio-economic, cultural and religious backgrounds such as those listed below:

  • teachers and school staff
  • parents and youth
  • street outreach workers and youth case managers
  • city and county government staff
  • elected officials and their staff
  • staff at non-profit organizations
  • college and graduate students studying counseling

Power Camps and Retreats
Marilyn also offers intensive multi-day healing and grief management opportunities for youth and adults.  The Power Camp helps young people experiencing grief and loss gain control back in their lives and provides opportunities for personal growth and goal planning.  The adult retreats meet each participant where they are at in the grieving process but helps them move on and up to new possibilities.  These retreats are a needed boost of encouragement and empowerment for those experiencing loss, no matter how long ago it occurred.

Contact Marilyn for more information about the above.



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